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Democratize education to make it a tool for personal progress towards the future.


Anyone can access a high quality education that makes them a free-thinker.

We want to live in a society where everyone has the opportunity to improve themselves, thus forming a free and motivating community. At URN Virtual we believe in effort; constant and quality work that leads us to achieve our goals. The road is tough and requires dedication, but the payoff is worth it. We look for and innovate different ways of doing things. It's not about being the first, it's about questioning everything without caring about thinking differently.

Get to know Samatha

Hi, I’m Samantha, your online assistant

Samantha’s name means: "The one that knows how to listen": when you write to her it seems that she always answers with common sense.
She is a faithful defender of neat and correct work, she believes that it is not necessary to speak if there is not a question to address and that keeping silence is a right that should be protected by law.
No one has ever been so ordinary as to pry her age, but Samantha knows how to speak with the proper propriety and empathy of a life well lived.
Her parents taught her the value of trust and effort since she was little. Samantha is always the first to serve; she always speaks in the name of gentleness and trust. She uses all her performance in a kind and punctual way; she knows how to reject with diplomacy and always smiles like someone who is certain that she defends an immaculate professional ethic.
She believes that happiness is in giving, in being useful, in letting go of great artifacts and working like little ants work, small, strong, together, persevering: queens in her kingdom.